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Date of Birth: 10 August 1970
Sex: Male
Nationality: Cypriot
Marital Status: Single


September 1994- December 1995	
University of Manchester, Manchester, England.

M.Sc. in Laser Photonics and Modern Optics. 
The program involved lecture courses in optics,	fiber optics, 
optoelectronics, photomedicine and laser theory subjects 
as well as a research project.The project was in the medical field 
and involved using lasers for hard tissue ablation studies and 
measurement of the acoustic field generated. 	

October 1992- July 1994	
University of Salford, Manchester, England.

Direct entry to the second year of the course.
B.Sc. (Hons) in Applied Physics with Electronics.

September 1987- July 1990	

Higher Technical Institute, Nicosia, Cyprus.
Diploma of Technician Engineer in Electrical 
Engineering (HND equivalent)

September 1981- June 1987	
Archbishop Makarios III Lyceum, Nicosia, Cyprus.
Leaving Certificate (Apolytirion)


July 1996 - To date :
FBIS - Communications Operator and Internet Afficionado

September 1994 - October 1995 :
Laser Photonics Group - University Of Manchester

M.Sc. student and Research assistant


July 1992 - University of Salford - Cyprus Ministry of	Education.
Tuition fees scholarship.

July 1993 - University of Salford prize.
Awarded by the Senate of the University of Salford for my performance
in the pre-final year.

July 1994 - University of Salford prize.
Awarded by the Senate of the University of Salford for my performance
in the final year.


I am currently a Graduate member of the Institute of Physics, 
in England. 

I have extensive knowledge of:

* Computer software such as wordprocessor (Word  6.0, WordPerfect),
  spreadsheet (Excel) and basic knowledge of Lotus Notes and 
  programming with Fortran, as well as using electronic mail and many
  Internet facilities and related software (Netscape Navigator, 
  RealAudio, Adobe PageMill Web page designing, Eudora E-mail etc).

* Laser systems theory and operation.

* Electronic circuits theory, design and construction. 

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